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Just got the official news from my endocrinologist (the one who largely has no bedside manner, but who I have to admit is really growing on me with her impeachable competence, absolute non-judgmental attitude, and understanding that my quality of life depends upon her generosity with dosages) that my Tg is undetectable, which is the surest sign possible that I remain cancer-free. I told her about the boondoggle with my GP, and she is sending him a primer and explanation of her actions.

I think it would be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that "no cancer" is our default state, the state we deserve, and "cancer" is exceptional and the alarm state, and therefore feel that I am merely basking in the status quo, enjoying normal, just like everyone else. But I know the reality, which is that questions of deserving don't enter into it at all. So I maintain my sense of deep and abiding gratitude that I've been passed over for another year. There but for the grace of blind chance go I. A moment of zen.

My endocrinologist adjusted my meds, but only very slightly. She showed me the numbers and explained why my GP freaked out. She says I need to be kept at what would normally be considered "high normal" where thyroid hormone is considered, which on paper falls between 20-22. Currently mine is 24. A GP, apparently, would see this as a dangerous number and want to slash my dosage by half. But the goal is to keep me at 22, so I'm only a bit too high. Interesting! (Well, to me, at least!)

So instead of just dropping my dose, she's giving me two doses; one to take 3 days a week and one to take the other 4. I'm going to get only of those weekly pill containers old ladies need to keep track of all their drugs.

In sum: life is good. Life is very good. It's short at the best of times, don't forget!

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