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2011-01-10 05:55 pm
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I'm never gonna get good at this

I have my regular yearly check in with my endocrinologist next week, so last week I picked up my requisition and got some blood drawn. (Still have the bruise.) This is something I will do every year for the rest of my life. This morning I got a call from my GP's office. He wants to see me "ASAP" about my latest blood test. I explained that the test was ordered by my endocrinologist and I am seeing her next week, but he wants to see me tomorrow.


I have no idea. Of course they won't give me any clues over the phone, except to say that it's about the one blood test I do every year to monitor whether my thyroid cancer has returned. I kind of hate them for not telling me. I presume that this isn't about the cancer and is in fact about my meds and the fact they the dose is probably too high (I've lost weight). Presumably. My GP is a really nice guy and I appreciate that he wants to do right by me, but this has kind of freaked me out.

I wonder if you ever get good at living with anxiety. Something tells me I'm going to get a chance to test that theory.