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See last post: this is the most bizarre thing I've ever tried to write. It's a gift for a friend who is going into radioative isolation, so I gave Sherlock the same cancer she is being treated for. (The same cancer I have also had, so the details are many and they are accurate.) Generally I don't condone this kind of thing, but it actually turned out a zillion times better than I expected. Also with more sex0rs than expected. Well, discreet sex0rs, but still. I had no idea this experience hit on so many of my favourite fandom tropes. But it does! It's truly bizarre.

My problem now is that I don't know how to make it end. So I wouldn't mind some feedback on it. But I can't think of anyone besides the person its written for who would be up for reading it. She absolutely cannot see it until Wednesday, when she really needs it. Mostly I just need someone to help me work out how to end it. At this point I'm not sure if it should be public or not, even, so you don't have to slave over it, or anything. Which is a good thing, since it's 11K words long. (Two days of work. 11K words. I may be slightly mad myself.) And it still needs an ending of some kind.

Do I know anyone who would be willing to do a gentle read over, understanding how totally sensitive (and probably triggery) this topic is?


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