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I'm writing what might be the most bizarre thing I've ever written. I'm breaking all my own rules in order to write something as a comfort fic for a dear friend who is going to endure something I too have had to endure in the past. I hope it's comforting and not traumatic to read; surely you can stuff "how they got together"/awwww that's sweet into actual medical drama, right? People do it all the time! Hurt/Comfort, it's a staple!

I'm a bit O_o that I'm even considering it on some level, but on another, it's for my dear friend. It's perfectly alright in that context, I think. It's a distraction fic.

It's funny...I would generally balk at anyone writing serious medical conditions into fic, particularly this one, since I've had it myself, mostly because why would anyone do that if not to rhapsodize about how romantic it is. Cancer is not as romantic as people think it is, but, as a cancer survivor, I figure, if anyone can write a cancer fic and get away with it, it should be me! And I'm making it as romantic as I can! I would hate me for writing this if it were not me writing it!

I'm not doing it because I think cancer as a fic trope would make a great theme though, trust me. It's actually kind of upsetting to write it, but only a little. I'm doing it so that Sherlock can go into this battle with my friend. He will be good company for her. And she will need good company. Also: comfort. I want to send the ship into the isolation room with her, with the crinkly paper and the slippers and the gowns.

They're both going to be fine, though. I promise. Though hurt/comfort will totally happen.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with it when it's done, other than give it to my dear friend to read while she's in isolation. I thought I would post it, because, why not? I'm about a third of the way through it just now, so I guess we'll see how I feel about it in the end. But I'm sure if will read as very exploitative of the experience to anyone who doesn't know why I'm doing it. Perhaps I should keep it under a lock of some kind.

This might be a "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME" experience I'm having.
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Anyone around and willing to do a quick beta/britpick on a Sherlock fic? I finally worked myself up to doing a Sherlock POV, don't know how successfully, but it scratched that writing itch. It's not long, 1760 words, nothing explicit. I'd rate it G if slash can ever be rated G by the general population, but there is a single expletive in it. Needs a go over before I post it. It's in Google docs, if you're willing I'll add you as an editor. Yes/No?

Cold Hands

Dec. 1st, 2010 01:13 am
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I just got a review notice on something I wrote a billion years ago. New movie out, new fans reading old old old fanfiction. I suppose that's how it works.

But I didn't recognize the title of the fic, so I went to see what it was. And I didn't recognize the first few paragraphs either. So I read it.

It's clearly mine, I can tell I wrote it, I can see my own tricks, but I have no memory of it at all. So I read my own fic not knowing what the heck was going to happen. Which was an interesting experience. Probably helpful, I think I use the same tricks now. As a writer I clearly can't walk in a straight line to save my life. I'm trying to do better in this new fandom, actually keep to a linear timeline instead of jumping all over the place.

With a few modifications it would probably work just as well as a Sherlock fic, sad to say. I guess in the end we all have a single story to tell (or, say, a single set of archetypal characters we return to), and we just find ways to keep telling that story over and over.

That's okay; lots of stories get told over and over in different ways. I accept that. Still. Not an experience I expected to have!
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7000K words of what turned out to be pure, unadulterated fluff? (I knew that was inevitable, really, which is why i swore I would not write it!) Sequel to Almost Always. Any Brits willing to pick? I'm actually a bit too embarrassed about the fluffiness to foist this on my dear English RL friend for picking. I sort of promised myself I wouldn't write anything this fluffy, but I honestly cannot help it it just feels so good when you indulge...I could not...stop...

If you're willing, it's in Google Docs, and you're welcome to do what you will to it there. I might even promise not to watch. Just email me (ivyblossom@gmail.com) so I can get your goog id and add you to the doc.

If anyone is willing, that is.

Edited to say: BBC Sherlock fandom, forgot to mention.

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On some level I wonder if I'm not going to spend the rest of my fannish life just rewriting Seeker to Seeker.
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I don't remember the endings of fics being so hard. I've been picking at this story for two days now, and I'm finally at a place where I think should probably be coming to an end, but I can't seem to get it to go that way. WAY longer than I thought it would be. Come on, damn you! End! This is the second time I've had that problem.

Endings! Wow.
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 I have to do this thing next week, in a different time zone, where I'll be busy all day but presumably have downtime (I have no idea what's involved, but it's a professional thing, development related), but there is NO INTERNET and NO CELL SIGNAL. And the rooms we're staying in have NO TVs. For a WEEK.

I have always held that I am in no way "addicted" to the internet. I don't believe such a thing is actually possible. If you hate your life and you opt to create a new one using online tools (been there), the issue isn't the internet. It's that you hate your real life. 

But man, the idea of not being online for a whole week is making me a bit...shuddery.

It's a reality, I'm going to have to deal with it. I'm replete with every gadget and tool you can imagine, so now I'm in the probably enviable position of getting to choose which of my toys to bring with me.

I mean obviously the iphone comes with. I need it back and forth from the airport at the very least. (Is it technically possible to get 3G if you can't get a cell connection? I'm guessing not.) iPad? It's got books on it. I could read them. I could...take notes, right? I take notes on it all the time. It's currently my go-to semi-mobile computer (semi mobile: I'm moving from seated position to seated position, say, from my office to a conference room, or from session to session at an event. Moving around, but sitting for long stretches). 

Do I bring some media (movies, Sherlock episodes, the entire Avatar: the last airbender, all the Doctor Whos)  on a USB key and bring my netbook? I could watch stuff on that. (Do I really need to do that? I mean, there will be other people. It's like...a retreat. With people I don't currently know. Should I avoid this in order to socialize? Not that I'm unlikely to socialize, I'm totally an extravert, no problem.)

Maybe I could keep a kind of offline diary of some sort. It would be so weird for me to have no outlet to record my various thoughts and experiences. Electronic but not online journal? Could use the netbook OR the iPad for that, I suppose. Even the iphone in a pinch.

Or do I bring my actual laptop? I almost never take it out of my house at this point, given the wealth of other mobile and semi-mobile devices I have. But...what if I wanted to do some writing? Some actual writing, maybe that's how I spend my offline time. Writing reams of stuff I post when I get home. Do I bring a full keyboard for that, or pat it out on the idevices or the netbook?

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Title: Reverse Chronology
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Word count: 6,213
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: G

This is John's blog, during about a 5 month interval. I intended to write a story about the slow blossoming of a relationship, writing it in chronological order, but at the last second I realized of course you'd have to read it in reverse chron. It's a blog, after all. I didn't design it to be read that way, originally, but I think it works. You tell me.

Thanks to Em for the britpick. Any remaining faults (we figured a medical man would use kilos) are totally my fault. She was on sleeping pills at the time.

Read more... )
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My contribution:

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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )


Nov. 11th, 2010 10:00 pm
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I can't format to save my life, sorry, trying to fix....


And livejournal is being a complete jerk to me right now, too.

A First

Nov. 11th, 2010 08:21 pm
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I think tonight is the first time I have ever written a piece of fanfiction without immediately posting it to the internet with wild abandon. But I haven't written anything in such a long time, I'm nervous to post it. I've never written in this fandom before. This is a weird sensation.
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Oh Sherlock fandom, you will be the death of me. I haven't read fanfiction in literally years, and suddenly I devote an entire Sunday to you.

There are certainly worse deaths than death by Sherlock fandom, I'll say that.


Sep. 20th, 2010 07:53 pm
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I do not have the cancer again.


I got anxious and called my surgeon's office, and he got on the phone to tell me that the biopsy came back negative, and what he took out of my head was a reactive lymph node (and presumably a lipoma, but I may have stopped paying so much attention to what he was saying at that point).

No more cancer for me! (Well, for now, I guess, you never know.)

YAY. Phew.

Edited to add: it was reactive follicular hyperplasia. Go ahead and try to google that, you need a degree in medicine to understand any of it.


Sep. 11th, 2010 10:11 am
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Thanks for all the well wishes! I'm pleased to report that while my incisions still hurt like a bitch, the tenor of the pain has reduced a shade. It's down from metal instrument boring into my head into bee sting. Progress!

There was something else I was going to tell you, but I've forgotten what it was.


Sep. 10th, 2010 08:04 am
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Several months ago I discovered a big bump on my head. Ha ha bump turned into a ultrasound, an xray, a CT, the ominous suggestion that there were two, one on each side of my head, my suspicion that there is another on my neck, and the discovery that they are extremely oversized lymph nodes. Cut to two days ago, when I have the big one cut out of my head whilst conscious under a local. Fortunately, there was Valium. Unfortunately, Valium isn't quite enough to make me not care when they start digging into my head. That said, my surgeon (same one who took out my thyroid) was amazing and compassionate the whole time. Still.

Don't know why I have bumps on my head. The insides of my bump are off to pathology. More info at a later date.

This morning I woke up in way more pain than I would have expected (given that my far more extreme thyroidectomy hurt not at all, possibly because then I had the benefit of morphine) from the X shaped set of incisions on the back left of my head.

Oh also: did I mention that I'm getting divorced? Probably not. It's okay, it's not as traumatic as it sounds. Let's face it: I'm really really gay. It was worth a shot, but I'm pretty sure more than one person had a bet going for how long that could last. It amicable and I feel relieved. Dido said it best: I want to be a hunter again.

But I have an iPad! At least there's that.


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