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I find it awfully amusing that, because of the stylesheet I've chosen, I see three versions of my goofy animated gif icon on my journal page. Looking forward to DW having more styles to choose from, but not complaining.

Television shows I am now up-to-date on:

Heroes. I am in love with Sylar (of course) and Hiro (he's so cute!). Now wouldn't that make an interesting pairing. Wait: I'm sure it already IS a pairing. I also in love with the beautiful Mohinder, but they appear to have taken him out of rotation. I support Sylar/Mohinder as a ship: daddy issues all over the place. Matt Parkman for the win, too! Kinda creeped out that the guy playing Peter was dating Hayden P. She's so young! Tell me to get over it. I was a bit meh about the start of the third season, but the characters are compelling enough to keep me engaged. I guess it helps when you're running through the whole season in a week or so. Is it a spoiler to say that Sylar is getting a little NORMAN on us?

Doctor Who. I was afraid of the Doctor Who theme song in the 70s and presumed that it was a terribly scary show. (I was 5 or 6 at the time.) Now I love it. It took me a few episodes to warm up to David Tennant, I as I loved Christopher Eccleston so much. But now I also love David Tennant as the Doctor, with a deep and fiery love, and the idea of him not playing the Doctor makes me very sad. I fear I will not like this new guy, and my love for the show will wane. Rose was fun, Martha was awesome and I don't see why the Doctor didn't dig her (WHO WOULDN'T), and Donna is my role model in life. Also: WEEPING ANGELS. OMG.

Torchwood. Ianto, my favourite! I watched this during the xmas break while on holiday in Belgium. My dearly beloved downloaded it at my request and we watched an episode every night, and many more while we were on planes. He downloaded them on to a 64 gb flash drive and we played them on one of our respective eeepcs. (Tip: if you are a geek, marry your own kind. It makes for a lot less explaining and impatience with the geekishness.) I'm hoping Martha is part of the new Torchwood team when it's reconsituted. (For the record: my dearly beloved was routing for Ianto/Jack well before it actually appeared.)

Being Human. This one was suggested and brought to me by my dearly beloved. Have you heard of it? A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost sharing a flat in Bristol. It's genius. It sounds like a weird concept, but it totally works.

Secret Diary of a London Call Girl. I downloaded this because of Billie Piper. More thoughtful than I expected, but just as risque as I expected. Watching the whole two series of it made sad more than anything. She can be as liberated as she likes, but no one is ever going to really respect her for it, and she can't ever tell her parents. It was the silences that are the most powerful in the whole thing, not that they're subtle and picking up on something that isn't deliberate.

I need to get a tb external hard drive now. I'm not prepared to delete any of this stuff.


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