Looking Up

Aug. 23rd, 2006 09:46 pm
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I was talking pictures at school the other day while waiting for the bus. The colour of the leaves and the clouds caught my attention.

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Broken and run-down things )
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If you push on this bit of string molded into the wall of the train, you will be imprisoned. This implies that there is a LAW about pushing bits of string moled into walls on trains, doesn't it.

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Tea Time!

May. 28th, 2006 09:16 am
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It's always tea time in Streetsville!

I grabbed this shot with my cell phone a little while ago, but I didn't learn how to get pictures off my cell phone until yesterday. And thus. I thought this was wonderful, and I wish I'd met the guy/girl who opted to get this particular personalized plate.

New Shoes!

May. 27th, 2006 07:16 pm
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New shoes! Bronx by Keen, in fact. Most comfortable shoes ever.

I was having trouble getting a non-blurry shot of my own feet, so I lay down on my bed and took a picture of them in the air.
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The University of Toronto, with a view of some little tower or something in the distance.

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some pictures from Nova Scotia )


May. 7th, 2006 07:56 pm
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Hippy Woman Ahead: Please Yield.
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Oh, where to start.

This picture would have been a lot funnier if I'd taken it during a snow storm. Somehow their claim of being somehow affiliated with L.A. would have been less convincing with snow piled on top of the sign. Little green palm tree notwithstanding.

But more to the point: for all your UST needs, come to L.A. Auto Repair. Even if it's UST with your ex that you need customized.
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This is the Oddfellow's Hall, which is just down the street from my place. It's currently empty. When I first moved here it used to be a lighting store with the most beautiful Tiffanyesque lamps in it. But before I really got settled here the lighting store had closed down and moved out. I have no idea what it will be next, but I think they should break it into condos so I can live in there. The sky came out very dark in this picture, and I rather like it.

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Apr. 30th, 2006 02:50 pm
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I took a walk. Therefore, there is picspam.

Come along with me!

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We've having our first real spring in a long time (or, at least, I am). It's earlier than normal, and warmer than normal. I'm trying to document the coming of spring in pictures, and I took this one because I was struck by the newness of the green against the delicate blue.
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What are these things called? And what is it for, seeing the direction of the wind? This is about one block over from my apartment, on a little residential street. But really I took this picture for the streaky clouds.

Digital photography is kind of dummy-proof, isn't it. Everything looks good! This is my kind of hobby!

Pic spam

Apr. 27th, 2006 02:07 pm
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Since I should be keeping my mouth shut today, I'll just post pictures instead of offending people with my poorly-chosen words.

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Streetsville in the Fog.

I took this picture by putting the camera lens through the fence on the other side of the railway tracks, which is why that sign is backwards and why the road ends where it does. But I thought it was a nice shot of the church in the fog.

Rainy day picspam, from the suburbs to the city )
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I must admit to having a thing for rural landscapes. It's not that I desperately want to live on a farm; i just find farms so beautiful. The orderly fences, the deliberateness of the rows of corn or wheat or soy; I can't really explain it, but I love it. And it's one of the things that I love about southern Ontario.

What many people don't know about the Toronto area is that it's entirely surrounded by farms (except where it's surrounded by auto plants and Lake Ontario, that is). So while I've posted lots of pictures of the urban world in my quest to document that which I see, now I wanted to post some shots that are probably only of interest to me; the farm landscape along the road between my apartment in the heart of suburbia and my folks' place (also deep inside suburbia). This is about a 40 minute drive, from urban area to urban area, if that gives you a sense of how close the rural is to the urban around Toronto.

Some years ago when I started writing original fiction, it all came up rural, just like these pictures. It wasn't until my beta readers ([livejournal.com profile] isilya in particular) noted now strange that was did I notice that this sort of view surrounds me and informs the way I see the world.

Yes, that was the fancy way of saying oooo look! Picturesque farms!

I should also note that I took all of these pictures from the backseat of a speeding vehicle, and the fact that they look as good as they do is a testament to my new camera. In addition, I'm taking these pictures at the worst possible time; the snow is gone, but the growing things are just starting to wake up.

Rural landscapes I have loved )


Apr. 10th, 2006 07:53 pm
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In spite of the fact that it's barely spring and all the trees are still bare, I decided to wander around a bit and take some pictures of the local landscape. These pictures are an effort in a) documenting my latest location, and b) practicing my mad zoom and picture-taking skillz.

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